Research Information-Academic Journals-Reports-Conferences-Patents-Publications

  • Be Informed of the Latest Research Related to Your Products and Services
  • Periodic Reviews of :
    • Academic/Industry Journals
    • Conference Publications
    • Industry Reports, Patents, Competing Products
  • Generate New Ideas and Technical Breakthroughs
  • Be a Step Ahead of the Competition

How can our research information services help you

The objective of our information services is to provide your company with a periodic review of the latest academic and industry information related to your products and services. Academic and industry journals, conference publications, society reports, foreign journals, government reports, patents, and competing products will be reviewed. All of this information will be synthesized, filtered, consolidated, and delivered to you via periodic oral presentations and/or written reports. This information can greatly enhance the generation of new ideas, innovation, technical breakthroughs, and problem solving in your company. You will know the latest technologies, tools, and research, and can improve your efficiency and productivity because many of your problems may have already been solved. In the end, knowledge is the most important entity for success, and we can help you maximize it for your company. We know that you are very busy and are struggling to stay with the competition, and may not have the time or resources to gather all of the latest information. That is why we are here to help.

How the information services work

The first step is for us to visit your company. We will discuss the technical areas in which you would like the latest information. We may also discuss the technical issues that your company is trying to solve. This will allow us to more accurately focus our information search so that it is the most beneficial for you.

We will discuss the many academic and industry journals, conference publications, reports, etc. that would be helpful to you. We have electronic access to essentially every document that has been published worldwide.

We will also agree on how often you would like the information delivered to you (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually etc.) The information will be delivered to you via oral presentations and/or written reports. We can tailor the presentations and reports to any format you prefer, so that the information can be rapidly absorbed by your workforce. You can receive a full electronic version of any paper that you would like for free. We hope that these discussions and reports have a big impact on your company, and stimulate innovation and problem solving.


We will always keep absolute confidentiality of anything relating to your company. We want to stimulate the success of the companies that we work with, and will always strictly protect those relationships and your information. Confidentiality will never be compromised. We will also sign contractual agreements to protect you.

Science/Engineering Classes

We also provide science/engineering classes. We can help to educate your workforce on a new developing area, fundamental science/engineering disciplines, or the latest numerical simulation tools. We hope that these classes are fun, and stimulate your employees to be more innovative and productive. Please see our Areas of Expertise or Previous Projects for classes that you would like your company to have.

Speaking to an Automotive Industry Consortium on Auxiliary Loads Reduction Strategies

Speaking to the U.S. Department of Energy on Advanced Thermal Comfort Tools for Vehicles