New Vista Research Past Projects

We have worked on a wide variety of projects involving many of the science and engineering disciplines. These projects have been with industry, government institutions, and academia. Please examine our previous projects to see the experience and knowledge that we have gained to solve your problems.

Client Project Name

An Affordable Low Emission High Efficiency Hythane Engine that Provides a Marketable Distributed Power System
Development of an Acoustic Based Gaseous Hydrogen Sensor
On-Board Syngas Generation for Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Improvements
A Natural Gas-Hydrogen (Hythane) Dual-Fuel Diesel Vehicle that Provides Reduced Fuel Costs and Improved Emissions

Cryogenic Technical Services
Compressed-Cryogenic On-Board Hydrogen Storage and Fueling Station

Renewable Hydrogen Generation
Computational Modeling of the Hyradix Autothermal Reformer Reactant Injection System

Human Thermal Physiological Modeling of a Biothermal Power Source
Modeling of the Heating of Cardiac Tissue by a Pacemaker Lead in the Presence of MRI Electromagnetic Fields

General Motors
Laser Diagnostics of PEM Fuel Cell Cathode Reactions and Water Transport
Reduction of Airflow Requirements in PEM Fuel Cells


Study of Technologies to Reduce Vehicle Cabin Solar Loads and Cabin Heat Gain

Department of Energy
Human Thermal Physiological Model
A Numerical Weather Corrector for Outdoor Vehicle Testing
A Solar Simulator for Indoor Vehicle Testing
A Heated/Cooled Vehicle Seat Using Heat Pipes

Measurement Technologies
Advanced Thermal Manikin

University of California Berkeley
Human Thermal Psychological Model

Rocky Mountain Instruments
Laser Marking System

Boston SciMed
Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Modeling of Blood Flow Through an Arterial Filter
Angioplasty Surgery Coronary Artery Blood Filter

CU Health Sciences Center
Measurement of an Arterial Blood Filter Flowfield Using Particle Image Velocimetry

Eltron Research
An Electrochemical Machining System Using a Heterogeneous Electrolyte

CFD Simulations of Supersonic Shear Layer Mixing in the NASP Aerospace Plane Combustor
Flow Quality Improvement and Cryogenic Design in the National Transonic Facility
Space Shuttle Payload Bay Experiment to Analyze the Effect of Micro-gravity on Fish Behavior

US Airforce
Measurement of Microwave Radiation in the Exhaust of Solid Propellant Rocket Engines
Acoustic Control of Atomization Processes in a Liquid Rocket Engine

Development of a Liquid Ethanol Rocket Engine

US Navy
Liquid Fueled Pulsed Detonation Engine
Passive Control Technique to Reduce Afterburning in Rocket Engines
Gaseous Hydrogen Burning Rocket Engine
Effects of High Energy Fuels on Combustion Instabilities in Ramjet Engines

The Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
Ozone Flux Eddy-Correlation Chemiluminescence Instrument

Navy Post Graduate School
Development of a Gaseous Hydrogen Burning Rocket Engine
Development of a Supersonic Shear Layer Visualization System

Analysis of the Propagation of Turbulent Buoyant Diffusion Flames in Enclosed Environments
Development of a Building Fire Simulator

University of Colorado Boulder
A Numerical Model to Predict Acoustic Modes in Combustion Systems
A Liquid Fueled Ramjet Engine with Optical Access
Development of Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) and Phase Doppler Particle Anemometry (PDPA) Systems