Legal Technical Support

  • Scientific/Engineering Support for Attorneys
  • Technical Arguments and Data
  • Technical Research and Analysis
  • Engineering Computer Simulations of Cases for Evidence
  • Movie Animation for Compelling Visual Evidence
  • Determine Cause of Product Liability

How our legal support services can help you

We offer scientific, engineering, and technical support for attorneys.  We can generate technical information or data that can help the success of your team/client. We can perform research and analysis of a case to determine who is at fault from a technical standpoint.  We also perform engineering computer simulations, which can show how a product or process performed in a case. The simulations can show why a product or process failed or did not perform properly. In addition, we make movie animations of cases, which show graphically the cause of an accident. Movie animation provides a very persuasive argument to convice a judge and jury. We have a great deal of experience and enthusiasm, and look forward to working with you.

How our legal support services work

The first step would be for us to visit you. We will discuss the technical issues of your case, and make sure that we have a thorough understanding of your goals. We will then prepare and submit to you a written proposal that describes an action plan to achieve your objectives. The proposal will contain deliverables, deadlines, costs, and confidentiality agreements. We will meet periodically to make sure that you are satisfied with our work, and the deliverables and objectives are being met.

Study Examining Vehicle Cabin Temperature Buildup During a Solar Soak and the Impact on Air Conditioning Loads and Child Safety for Ford Motor Company

Numerical Simulation of Water Flowing over a Step into a Container